Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sun Cayne Uno

Cayne Uno by Sun Bicycles. Photo by Richard Masoner. Retail price unknown.

Sun Bicycles of Miami has already carved out several niches for itself with well-crafted, affordable cruisers, adult tricycles (don't mock it unless you've tried it), tandems, folding bikes, and even unicycles. Now it has come out with its "Cayne" line of "urban" bikes that includes this fixed gear/single speed commuter.

Here are the 2008 specs:

Frame: TIG-Welded Double Butted 4130 Chromoly (50, 53, 56, 59)
Fork: Alloy
Chain ring: 46T
Chain: KMC Z410 1/2" x 1/8"
Chain Guard: Smoked Clear Plastic
Brakes: Tektro RL576
Handlebar: 6061-T6 Alloy, Bullhorn
Saddle: Origin-8 Custom, brown
Hub (rear): Formula TH50 Track Hub 32H
Cog: 18T fixed, 18T freewheel
Rims: Alex DC19, 700c x 32H
Tires: Kenda Kontender (K196), 700 x 26C

If you have any feedback about the Cayne Uno, please leave a comment.


Brian said...

I believe the retail is around $499 for this bike. A friend of mine had it in a catalog.

Freewheel said...

If so, that's a great price.

tebriel said...

I paid 500$ for it, but it had a few different components

Anonymous said...

I just saw this bike marketed as an Origin-8 bike, for $550. What gives?

Frankie guised as Tiffany said...

I have owned an uno for a few years and absolutely love it. I recently flipped the back wheel to make it a fixie and it is quite fun. I looked around for months for a nice single-speed and when I found this bike, I rode it for 5 seconds and I knew. It looks very sleek, it rides beautifully (even in the rain), handles extremely well, and it is worth every single penny. Even after my first Uno was stolen, I didn't blink before buying another. It really is a great bike, with a surprisingly low profile, which I doubt will last for long. This is the cheapest you will find this quality of bike. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

i recently bought this uno bike for 3oo dollars. It is fixed and feel real pure.


Anonymous said...

Only complication for commuting (I think), are the bullhorns, which are sweet but can make the brakes kind of inaccessible (especially when you need to stop ASAP). You can, though, scooch 'em around just enough to get the brake handles to sit right underneath your palms when you're riding. Then you're fast AND safe. Can't beat it.

Anonymous said...

I've owned a Uno for almost three years now. I bought it from a non-profit bike shop, where I took my previous broken bike to have the parts "recycled"...hint hint. I like it a lot and have upgraded it a little, but one day I took back to the shop and another customer was asking about my bike and I heard the owner say that orginally, when they first produced this bike it weighed like 40lbs cause the tubing was so thick, and it was rolling off a generic assembly line in china. Instead of using different tubing to make it marketable for the US, they reamed out the tubing, or ground out the inside to make it thinner. Its cheap and feels like a tank, but I've always wondered if I might get a much better feel from a bike that wasn't quite so cheap, especially since it wouldn't cost more than $100 or $200 to upgrade to a name brand, like the pista from bianchi. If you come across an uno for $300 bucks i say its worth it but if you find it at full retail, say $500 bucks, I would move on and get something else.

Anonymous said...

i've heard wholesale is $339.99 for Uno, but how can i get one for this price?)

Anonymous said...

get a job in a shop who buys from J and B which is who sells all the origin 8 products.

Anonymous said...

Umm i bought mine for 150 with 170 sugino cranks and 42t messinger chianring with a brooks seat. I thought it was a really good deal..

Anonymous said...

i work in a shop that buys from j&b importers and i gotta say even if your paying full msrp ($539 )you wont find a comperable bike to it for the money....we sell cannondale felt gt jamis and bianchi and nobody comes close to the price

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