Monday, February 11, 2008

Kona Ute

Kona Ute. Available at Big Wheel Bikes or Oasis Bike Works (Fairfax, Va.).

I haven't been able to obtain a price from an LBS, but these appear to go for around $900. Another option would be to convert your existing bike into a long tail via xtracycle.

The long tail concept is perfect for those who are car-free or who simply want to replace car trips with bike trips. You can load up with groceries or even give your kids a lift to school.

Here's a review from Bike Hugger.

2008 specs:

Frame: 1 size fits all; 7005 aluminum
Chainrings: 36/26
Pedals: Xerama Sp-500
Freewheel: Shimano Alivio (11-32, 8 spd.)
Deraileurs: Shimano Deore
Handlebar: Kona Riser
Tires: Continental Town & Country 700x47c
Saddle: Velo Comfort
Color: Green
Extras: 2 sidebags included (holds 4)

If you have any feedback about the Kona Ute, please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Pretty good mass-market long-tail, but needs some finessing for 2009, in order of most to least important:
- one size does not fit all
- platinum ox steel frame, of course
- more durable 8 speed internal hub
- full chain guard
- disk brakes are never needed on road
- drop bars are the only bars

Erich said...

"- disk brakes are never needed on road"

.... unless you load it up and ride it in the rain... or try to stop down a real hill while loaded.

I'm a bit amazed it doesn't have rear disc tabs.

I agree, tho. Steel would be nicer, but probably more expensive (to do right and not weigh a ton more than it does now). I've owned several alu bikes and three steel bikes. All of my steel bikes (including the low rent ones, like the Redline Monocog 29er) rides better than any of my alu bikes, even the high end ones.

The other issue is of course rust with steel. Since this can be used in all conditions, steel might not last as long as alu (although alu fatigues, so there is that).