Breezer Uptown 8-speed – $899 at Big Wheel Bikes or $999 at City Bikes.

Breezer is a company that specializes in utility and commuter bikes. The Uptown is one of its more upscale models.

2008 Specs

Sizes: 17” (S), 19.5” (M), 21.5” (L), 23.5″ (XL)
Shimano Nexus 8-spd Premium
Frame: 7005 aluminum
Tires: CST Europa 26 x 1.6 w/ reflective sidewalls
Front light (halogen); rear light (LED) & Senso Auto
Light generator: Shimano Nexus 3N30 (hub-driven dynamo)
Suspension Seatpost

Here’s an upbeat review from

Some comments I’ve received about the Breezer Uptown:

Locus: I had a Breezer Uptown I commuted with for the last four years. It was a complete tank of a bike. I never needed to put anything new on the bike but tubes (DC has a lot of broken glass). I purchased the model because I wanted a fire-and-forget option–it came stock with the works (lights, fenders, susp. seatpost, theft-resistance, etc.) However, I’ve traded it in for a Jamis Coda Comp one month ago. Despite the steel frame on the Jamis, I think I still dropped ten pounds with the new wheels. I don’t begrudge my Breezer, but I’ve been commuting solid for the last four years straight and I wanted something faster. Still, it’s been a pain getting it spec’d for city commuting. It’s also been an adjustment switching to the skinny 700cc tires.

If anyone else has feedback on the Breezer Uptown, please leave a comment.

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  1. Anonymous


    I've had a Breezer Uptown for 2+ years so far.I ditched the suspension seatpost and saddle and added some Paniers but the rest is stock.It is fabulous.I've ridden in Canadian winters, flown with it to Holland and its been flawless.Never a flat, and even pulled the chainguard off last week and the chain is spotless.I've ridden with such huge loads that I broke my dutch 60L panniers.It seems the heavier the load the better it rides.Fenders, lights, ringlock, chainguard and internal gears are fabulous and I ride this bike as much as I can.Only thing I would change is maybe 700c wheels to make it a little faster.

  2. Anonymous


    The current 2010 model of the Uptown 8 has been changed slightly. It now has a full chaincase (rather than just chainguard), the cranks were changed to Shimano Nexus, and the headlight has been updated to a Basta Pilot LED. The rear lights are still powered by the Dynamo, via nicely integrated lighting conductors in the fenders. The hubs are still the Shimano DH-3N20-NT dynamo (nuted, not quick release) and Shimano Nexus 8-speed (the premium "red band" version, with internals similar to the Alfine model).

    The integrated O-lock and fully dynamo-powered taillight are still pretty much unique among USA-designed bikes.

    Too bad no one actually carries this model in the shop. I may end up buying it online, sight unseen.

  3. Anonymous


    My wife and I are lucky that two shops near Alexandria, VA, had the Uptown 8 in stock (one for $799, the other for $899).We are very happy with these bikes and use them for lots of short trips (under 10 miles) around town.With a pair of inexpensive ($32) folding baskets added, mine gets used often to pick up groceries.These are our "grab and go" bikes–no special gear or funny-looking clothing needed.

    IMO, the 2010 model is enough of an update over the 2008 model that a new review might be in order.There really are very few bicycles for less than $1000 that come standard with rack, dynamo lights, full chainguard, and fenders.I'm just sayin'.

  4. Anonymous


    Six months ago I totaled my car three days after being laid off.My Breezer Villager has been my primary transportation since then, and I couldn't be happier with it.With the Breezer's, I've been able to haul groceries, go to the doctor, get my hair cut, visit friends (even took it on the train to San Francisco onec, then rode it to the Ferry Building to meet friends for lunch)- everything but taking the cats to the vet, though I think they'd probably survive.It's the best money I ever spent, and I've been so grateful for my Breezer.Today I broke down and bought a car, but I'm going to really try to continue to run routine errands on the Breezer, 'cause I just love it!

  5. Anonymous


    I bought one based on several reviews.Very heavy; gearing on the 8 speed Shimano hub always seems to be "wrong".Huge, positive, difference going to a standard 24 speed.Also, if you get a rear flat be prepared for a mess.Undoing the Shimano links, removing the wheel and then attempting to re-attach with two hands is almost impossible.Not to mention getting the Shimano hub aligned properly again.Even my LBS had problems!The seat is very uncomfortable and I replace with a Brooks after 20 miles.I also got rid of the chain cover as it simply gets in way and is NOT quick release.Joe should have pioneered a better way to mount the rear wheel and make it a one-hand adjustment, then beat up Shimano engineers for making the hub so difficult to attach and align.Nice try, but I prefer my Surly LHT by a mile.

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