Breezer Citizen 3-speed – $559 at Big Wheel Bikes or 579.99 at City Bikes.

Breezer is a company that specializes in utility and commuter bikes. The Citizen is one of its most affordable bikes.

2008 Specs

Sizes: 17” (S), 19.5” (M), 21.5” (L)
Colors: Midnight Blue; Emerald Green
Shimano Nexus 3-spd
Frame: 7005 aluminum
Tires: CST Europa 26 x 1.6 w/ reflective sidewalls
Front light (halogen); rear light (LED)
Light generator: Basta Quattro (tire driven dynamo)
Suspension Seatpost

Some comments I’ve received about the Breezer Citizen:

Fritz: Breezers are fun and good to ride. They’re quality bikes that are thoughtfully designed, well made (mostly — a lot of them have problems with the lighting), and look nice.

Michael: I went through the process of deciding on a new “Town Bike,” and decided on the Breezer Citizen, for several reasons.

I like a bit of heft to the bikes I ride around town. No racing, no sew-ups, no superlite.

The Breezer is made in the US, in California, in fact, within 100 miles of my home. [Actually, Fritz reports that they’re made in Taiwan]. It’s solid, classy looking, practical, and consequently, a joy to ride! There’s no dealer here in town that stocks them, but they do have a relationship with a local bike shop to order and ship them. I called the Breezer folks, ordered the bike and was riding it home in less than a week.

Happy as a clam at high tide!

Crotach: As a present to myself last year (for my one year anniversary of full-time bicycle commuting) I bought myself a Citizen. Lord do I love that bike. I live in a mountain town with a lot of hills on my commute. Yeah, there is a little drag when I have my lights on, but not anything like I thought there would be. The first night I had it out I was going up the third of four hills going home, I was in second gear and had my light dynamo on, and I was shocked at how little of an effect it had. I ended up picking this bike out because of the light dynamo, the heft of the bike, and amazing comfort when I took it out for a test drive. On a gorgeous sunny summer day or in two feet of snow, this bicycle feels great and handles very well for me.

If anyone else has feedback on the Breezer Citizen, please leave a comment.

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