Friday, February 29, 2008

A.N.T. Boston Roadster

A.N.T. Boston Roadster. Available directly from A.N.T. for $1,995.00 plus shipping. Also available, completely assembled, at Hiawatha Cyclery in Minneapolis (call 612-727-2565 for price).

A.N.T. (Alternative Needs Transportation), founded and run by a guy named Mike in the Boston area, makes handcrafted, custom bikes. Certainly, a bike from A.N.T. costs more than a mass-produced, factory model by a name brand. Mike's idea, however, is that you will spend more time riding your commuter bike than any other bike you own, so why not invest in a well-crafted bike?


Frame: True temper butted steel (23 sizes avail. between 46 - 63 cm).
Handlebars: Nitto north road bars
Rims: Salsa
Tires: Panaracer 70 x 32 mm
Front light: Halogen, powered by hub
Shimano nexus premium 8-spd hub with 21T cog (can be built as SS instead)
Chainring: 38T
Pedals: MKS touring
Saddle: Brooks B-17 (black or honey)
Fenders: Planet Bike plastic
Myricle brass duet Bell
Chrome chainguard
Rear rack

If you have any feedback on the Boston Roadster, please leave a comment.

UPDATE: On November 17, 2014, Mike announced that he was closing A.N.T.


ek said...

I've always loved the ANTs...true quality.

Glad you haven't mentioned those Kronan pieces of junk. Sadly, the Tretorn ads are giving them lots of undeserved free press. This bike, or maybe a Pashley or true opafiets is a much better beach-going option.

Anonymous said...

One year ago I replaced my Surly LHT frankencommuter with an ANT Light Roadster (to-spec build version of the BR principle), which had replaced a brand-name aluminium framed DualDrive-equipped commuter. Each step has been noticibly better, but the ANT is clearly a peach of a machine. By far the most comfortable, stylish and quality machine. "the only bike you'll want to ride" is no exaggeration.